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How to play Batsford Solitaire

Batsford Solitaire is a solitaire card game similar to Klondike Solitaire (Microsoft Solitaire), except it is played with two decks. In Batsford Solitaire, 55 cards are dealt into 10 columns, starting with a single card on the left and adding one card to each column with the 10th column having 10 cards in it. The top card in each column is dealt face up, and all other cards in the column are dealt face down. The player may move any card that is face up, and can build down the coumns alternating colors. There are 8 foundations at the top of the game screen that must be built up from Ace to King by suit. The player deals cards from the stock pile into the waste pile one card at a time. There is also a place where the player may place a single King to set it aside if he is not currently able to use it. When all the cards have been removed from a column, the player can start a new card in it's place with a King.

Play Batsford Solitaire

Batsford Solitaire

Batsford Solitaire (3 Pass)

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Batsford Solitaire

Quick Colorado Solitaire

Batsford Solitaire (1 Pass)

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